More often than not, the difference between failure and success is that « special something » and that « je ne sais quoi » which makes it possible to prevail. It is this rare ability that few have – and most don’t – to mobilize human and financial resources, without any apparent difficulty, always with the final objective in sight, which makes success possible. The mastering of these unwritten codes and silent networks, the knowledge of these performance levers, is truly what makes up the concept of influence.

Influence is the subtlest and therefore the most effective form of soft power. It aims to transform an environment delicately and with profundity. It transforms a problem into an opportunity, and a potential into a necessity. When force fails, influence takes over. In combining the accumulated resources of charisma and rational, calculation and preference, influence is thus the secret that transforms your project into destiny.





A man that knows how to navigate the field, Ricardo Vita is a true catalyst and has the capacity to mobilize networks everywhere in the world. He obtained Bachelors and a Master’s Degrees in Literature and Languages before pursuing a Post-Graduate Degree in Commercial ...